What Is Nano CBD Oil?

Initially, CBD was only available in the forms of oil.  With CBD now widely available, new formulation has been brought into the CBD market.  Most recently, CBD effects and beneficial outcomes have dramatically dominated the market.  However, finding the trusted and effective CBD brand is crucial when trying CBD.  Thus, Nano CBD is important when ingesting CBD capsules as it will give the most beneficial outcome.

The effectiveness of CBD depends on bioavailability of the product, meaning the amount of the active component that is available for your body to absorb.  Not all methods of extracting CBD are created equal and also the method of consumption plays a part in bioavailability of the product.  

What Is Nano CBD?

Our body is made up of 70 % of water.  Since the water and oil do not mix, there is concern about the CBD oils absorption in our bodies.  Thus, the creation of nano CBD — something that could revolutionize the CBD market forever.  CBD capsules are formulated using a water-soluble nanoemulsion technology(patent-pending) by encapsulating active ingredients into nano-sized particles.

They are able to absorb higher concentration in the bloodstream resulting in high bioavailability.


The Benefits of Nano or Water Soluble CBD

  • It Offers Increased Bioavailability — CBD oils are emulsified by using a nanoemulsion process and this makes CBD oil more bioavailable. So, this means you can use less CBD in the form of nanoparticles to achieve better results.
  • It Can Be Mixed Easily into Beverages — You can mix nano CBD into any beverage very easily. Now most of the people are using the nano CBD with their coffee and tea which make CBD use very effective. Just add the required amount of nano CBD water soluble oil and it will mix by itself to make it usable.
  • It is more responsive Than Other Forms of CBD — Because of the increased bioavailability of nano or water soluble CBD, it works faster than other CBD forms. 


Final Thoughts on the Benefits of Nano CBD

Nanoemulsion is one such process that transforms your “standard” CBD oil into nano-sized emulsions that allow for the most bioavailable CBD you can find.

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