What Does Organic CBD Really Mean?

Organic CBD

What Does Organic CBD Mean?

Organic CBD products are made with ingredients that are regulated by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). 

Regulations include:

- Soil Quality

- Animal Raising Practices

- Pest Control

- Weed Control

- Use of Antibiotics, Hormones, or Additives

The USDA ensures that the resources used to produce ingredients are farmed using sustainable practices. Anything that is Certified Organic by the USDA will have the USDA badge on its label.  It means that the product you're buying meets the standards set forth by the USDA for organic farming and production practices.

We are committed to delivering high-quality CBD products through sustainable practices and BeatU's Line of Broad and Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tinctures are now USDA Certified organic.

Why Shop for Organic CBD Oil?

What's better for the earth is better for us, cause we all originated from the same root.  Additionally, organic ingredients can promote better CBD oil effects.

Our CBD Tincture drops are composed of naturally occurring chemicals that interact with each other and have positive chemical interactions. 

Broad spectrum and full spectrum products contain up to 100+ various phytocannabinoids. These phytocannabinoids maximize the benefits of CBD oil by promoting the entourage effect. 

Organic BeatULife

Essential oils used in our tinctures contain aromatic molecules known as terpenes that also promote these benefits. Plus, terpenes give our premium tinctures an organically delicious flavor! 

Let’s not forget that the hemp extract is not the main ingredient in CBD but the carrier oil will be the primary ingredient. 

We choose Organic MCT or Extra Virgin olive oil as the base for our tinctures. These oils are rich in healthy fats that boost CBD absorption. Since the carrier oil is the main ingredient in CBD oils, it must be organic!

Remember, all the compounds in the formula have chemical reactions!  Therefore, adding synthetic ingredients or plants grown with pesticides to the formula can weaken the CBD oil's effects. 

We are so proud to offer 100% USDA-Certified Organic broad / Full spectrum CBD tinctures!!   


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