How Much CBD would be enough to feel Relaxed?

How Much CBD would be enough to feel Relaxed?

CBD provides a natural outlet for relaxation. The versatility of CBD products makes it easy to include CBD in your daily routine. Its fast-acting capabilities can also be beneficial for real-time relaxation support. So, how much CBD do you need to relax? Let's help you figure this out so you can enjoy the serenity you deserve!

What Is the Right Amount of CBD Oil for Relaxation?

We don't recommend taking such a high amount of CBD at first. You should see how your body reacts to smaller servings and slowly work your way up.

How to Choose the Right CBD Serving for Me?

When you try any new CBD product, you should know how much CBD you're consuming.  Although CBD labels should contain important information, sometimes, they could be challenging to understand, even for experienced CBD users!

Some brands will denote the amount of CBD oil in one dropperful on the label. However, some companies only disclose the total CBD in the entire bottle. Before starting, you should determine how much CBD is in a single serving.  There is a simple math equation that allows you to figure out the amount of CBD in each dropper:

Total CBD mg in Bottle ÷ Total ml in Bottle = Total mg in Dropper

Assuming that you have a 30ml bottle that contains 450 mg of CBD.

450 ÷ 30 = 15ml of CBD per dropper

We recommend you to start with half a dropperful of CBD and wait up to 30 minutes to notice how you feel. Then, slowly increase your serving by a half dropper every 15-30 minutes to find your optimal serving for relaxation.

Finding your ideal serving amount isn't an exact science. While this introduction suggests a good foundation, your needs might change daily. Some days might require less CBD oil, while others might call for more.  Truthfully, there isn't a definitive answer as to how much CBD oil promotes relaxation. The effects are as unique as the person experiencing them.

While CBD oil has a natural, nutty flavor, unflavored CBD can be too intense for some palates. Many manufacturers use other ingredients to provide flavor or sweetness to their formula.

Some brands may use synthetic flavoring agents that might degrade the overall CBD oil quality. Higher-quality oils use essential oils to add flavor to the tincture.

Essential oils get their flavors from terpenes. As we noted earlier, terpenes boost the overall effectiveness of CBD oil. Therefore, naturally flavored CBD drops may boost overall relaxation.


Ways to Use CBD Tinctures for Relaxation

CBD tinctures are a great way to get fast-acting extra support during the day. Here are some great ways to relax with CBD tinctures.

Drop in Mouth

The easiest way to use CBD tinctures is to place the dropper filled with your desired serving directly in your mouth. Most of the CBD absorption will happen here. You can expect to feel the benefits within 30 minutes. If not, slowly increase your serving in 15-30-minute increments until you reach your desired effect.

Add to a Bath

High-quality CBD drops made with essential oils can help transform your bath into a spa, as they not only taste delicious but also smell good! Many terpenes in popular essential oils can promote relaxation. They'll also help hydrate your skin.

Make a Mocktail

Instead of pouring a glass of wine at night, whip up a CBD mocktail. CBD tinctures are a flavorful way to infuse your nightcap with some non-habit-forming relaxation.

Flavor a Cup of Tea

Get even more relaxed with a warm cup of tea. Steep your tea of choice as usual. Once you dispose of the tea leaves or bag, add your desired amount of CBD tincture. Make sure the water isn't too hot; you don't want to degrade the CBD!


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